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Friday, April 16, 2010

Privacy & Confidentiality

New Media has a huge connection with privacy and confidentiality. As we as individuals connect on the internet to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, we are sacrificing a little privacy every time. Sometimes hackers may watch your activity on these sites and hack them so that they may retrieve personal information. Many sexual predators lurk on the internet and try to seduce individuals. So if these individuals know who you are they are more likely to succeed in their seduction. Sometimes people online do not like individuals who post up blogs or comments. These individuals may resort to cyber bullying which may lead to an altercation in the real world. Sometimes putting too much information can hurt individuals on these sites especially when employers can see them. If employees use degrading or awful language online, and a prospective employer sees it, you can say goodbye to your job or be docked pay if you are currently employed. The more new media evolves, the more we are losing our privacy and confidentiality, but new media is adapting to the times by creating increased security measures.



  1. Yes, i agree with you that new media is adapting to the times by creating increased security measures but it is impossible to protect the privacy unless we stop using new media. That's what i think.

  2. It is pretty scary how easy it is for someone to find your information. Then again its kind our own fault for putting so much information on the internet.

  3. its kind of irony that most people know that their information online is not secure, but they still keep posting more and more information online.

  4. privacy is not to be found on the scary web