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Sunday, May 9, 2010

About Someone else's project

I enjoyed the project about Virtual Worlds by Nadia. Through the project, I found out that virtual worlds are not only a simulated environment. As well as that they contain many specific characteristics such as community and shared space where all individuals may collaborate at the same time. There are many types of virtual worlds ranging from education all the way to MMORPGs. For educational purposes, virtual worlds can help train individuals for their perspective jobs, as well as provide the ability to go on virtual tours of historical landmarks. Virtual Worlds help with the business world immensely due to the fact of it provides good places to hold meetings without hassle of traveling to far and away places. But most importantly Virtual Worlds help with community and help individuals interact in ways never dreamed possible in the real world.

This project was presented very well and I enjoyed how nicely the slides were designed. The information was not too bulky or clustered and pictures and videos enhanced the project. Overall this was a well done presentation.



  1. That was an interesting presentation. I also liked the design of the powerpoint.

  2. I was also enjoying her presentation. Virtual world is so amazing.