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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Media Class- So Far

New Media class has been great so far. I post blogs about once or twice every week about blogs, wikis, social networking, etc. For our wiki, I have been actively editing pages with many graphics that I find over the internet. i go to many different pages on the wiki to make them all stand out. I continue to work on my project diligently with the hope that I will receive a good grade for the class. The class lessons are interesting as well. There are lots of good videos shown in class that helps us illustrate the work that we are doing. These lessons help me do my work which is more hands on than in any other class.



  1. This class is great. Much better than most CIS classes and other classes in general. It is much more engaging.

  2. Great job with the wiki-work. I gotta start contributing as well.

  3. you are right, this class is fun. You don't need to learn anything by memorizing. Just it is fun to know more about blogs and wikis in general.

  4. this class is great. Its entertaining while learning at the same time.